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{Pattern Errata}

I try my best to offer clear and accurate Pattern designs, but every now and again an error sneaks through that my testers and I miss.  When these errors occur, errata will be posted here, along with the date posted, and an updated pattern will be sent out to all my previous customers that I have on file.  

If for some reason you do not receive an update that you are eligible for, please e-mail me at with your pattern order number and the site from which you purchased it, and I will send the pattern out for you right away.

If you think one of your patterns may contain an error and you do not see it listed below, feel free to contact me so that I can look over your query, and if need be, get it fixed and posted as soon as possible.  Thank you!

All Patterns with errata are listed below in alphabetical order, and errata are listed in chronological order according to the correction date:

Ruffled Flats (Knitting Pattern):

•March 15th 2013 (Version 1.0): Sole Section, when decreasing from 19 sts to 15 sts the section titled "Repeat the following 4 rows twice" now reads "Repeat rows 1-4 twice, before knitting row 5", as there is an un-accounted for 5th row under this heading.

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